Q. What is One Care?

A. One Care is a new option for how you receive your MassHealth and Medicare benefits. One Care makes it easier to get all of the services you need. It will let you get your MassHealth and Medicare benefits together from a single plan called a One Care plan.

Q. Who can join One Care?

A. If you currently have MassHealth and Medicare, you are 21-64 years old, and you don’t have other health insurance, you may be able to join.

Q. Why should I think about joining One Care?

A. One Care makes it easier to get the full set of services provided by MassHealth and Medicare. Also, depending on your personal needs, your One Care plan may be able to provide new ways for you to get services that you can’t get now, such as peer supports, home care, wellness support, medical equipment repair, and more.

The goal of One Care is to offer you a better, simpler way to get the complete care you need.

Q. How will One Care bring my care together?

A. With One Care, you will have a Care Coordinator who will work with you to help put together all of your physical, behavioral health and long-term services and supports into a Individualized Care Plan to make sure you are getting the care that best meets your needs. You will also have a Care Team made up of the people you select that will help you carry out your Individualized Care Plan.

Q. Can I keep seeing my same doctors and other providers?

A. If your doctors, specialists, and other providers are part of your One Care plan, they can continue to care for you. If you need to change some providers, your One Care plan will help you find qualified providers to care for you.

Q. Will I be able to keep my Personal Care Attendant (PCA)?

A. Yes. You will be able to keep your current MassHealth PCA if you are happy with the services you are getting.

Q. How can I find out if my doctors and providers are part of a One Care plan?

A. Beginning in Fall 2013, more information about each One Care plan and their list of providers will be available. You can also call MassHealth Customer Service for information about One Care 800.841.2900

Q. What will happen to my current MassHealth and Medicare benefits if I choose to be part of One Care?

A. All of your current MassHealth and Medicare benefits will be joined together in your One Care plan. You will be able to access all of your medical, pharmacy, mental health and substance abuse services, long-term services and supports, and supports, and community support services through your One Care plan.

Q. Will my current Service Coordinator, Case Manager, or people from other organizations in the community still be involved in my care?

A. Yes. Your Care Team will work with the service providers that you have from other federal, state, and community programs to ensure complete coverage and smooth delivery of your care, if you choose.

Q. How do I join a One Care plan?

A. Call MassHealth Customer Service and someone will help you. If you are eligible, you can also fill out the paperwork that MassHealth sends you in the mail.

Q. When can I sign up for a One Care plan?

A. You can enroll in One Care by contacting the MassHealth Customer Services line at 800.841.2900. If you run into difficulties, please contact the OCO Helpline at 855.781.9898.

Q. Will I keep getting my MassHealth and Medicare benefits if I don’t sign up for One Care?

A. Yes.

Q. How do I let MassHealth know my choice?

A. If you qualify, you will receive information in the mail about signing up for a One Care plan. You can choose a plan or tell MassHealth that you do not want to join.

Where can I get more information about One Care?

Visit the website: www.mass.gov/masshealth/onecare