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Share your One Care Experiences!

Every day the OCO works closely with One Care plan members to ensure they receive the services and benefits to which they are entitled. In short, the OCO focuses on each member’s experience. Sharing information about the actual experience utilizing One Care is one of main purposes of the “The Ombudsman” newsletter.

During 2016, “The Ombudsman” newsletter will focus on member’s experience with One Care. So we’re taking a moment to encourage our readers to share their experiences about, and with, One Care. Whether you are enrolled in a One Care plan, a significant other of someone receiving One Care services, a provider, or someone else who has been involved with One Care: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

There is nothing more educational than sharing our stories and learning from one another. The OCO wants to make sure your story is shared and heard. We’d like to hear from you! To share your story about One Care, please contact Jessica Rojas, 617-307-7775 extension 3.

Individually, our stories are important. When shared, we have a powerful voice.

My Impressions of One Care By: Sara Willig

Since joining One Care my life immediately turned around for the better. As I write this for the Ombudsman office I begin to reflect on my life before being a part of One Care. Before hearing about the option of One Care for Duals I was scared and nervous because I am not always a fan of change. My life before One Care was very difficult because of my diagnosis of Autism. I have a difficult time explaining my point in order for others to understand.  Just thinking of the idea of merging Medicaid and Medicare into one plan made me feel skeptical in joining due to the fear of the unknown. While attending some of the peer run explanation sessions I began to become more interested in One Care and felt more comfortable with accepting this option. Still initially I was nervous and wanted to hear more success stories from friends and other consumers enrolled in One Care.

While networking and attending several information sessions, I began to see and hear my friends talk about the cool services being offered like Transportation, Case Management, and Housecleaning services. I then decided that I wanted to join. The enrollment process was actually easy. My friend helped me with write down all my needs and then submit everything to One Care.  I am really bad at explaining my needs to people at times so I was thankful for her support.  Finally, once I submitted my list of needs, I waited patiently.  After joining One Care my life changed around forever, the medical attention provided and the one on one support from my Care Coordinator makes me feel very special and attended too. The best part about One Care is they focus directly on your needs to better assist your health. My favorite service received from One Care is the Transportation and PCA services, I now have my PCA at home to assist me and was given an increase in hours each week which is very helpful. 

Although it took me over a year to access long-term case management I was very optimistic about the program and knew many other consumers who were waiting to be approved as well. I continued talking to friends who received the services and discussed the waiting process before services were granted. I contacted the OCO office and it was helpful because they explained the process in detail as well as the benefits I would be receiving from One Care. By far my experience with One Care has been successful and positive. Although I had a job for eleven years plus, where I learned how to persevere and manipulate bureaucracy. I am now a happily enrolled consumer of One Care and wanted to share my experience to make a change in the lives of others. I would describe One Care as a phenomenal life changing experience, and an organization who seeks to find services especially for you. 


The OCO assisted an individual seeking in patient treatment for anorexia nervosa through the Appeals and Grievance process. This individual had asked for alternate choices after they had been told they only had two in-network treatment options – both of which the member had had previous negative experiences with.  Partnering with Health Law Advocates, the OCO was able to assist this individual in getting the denial of services overturned so an alternate treatment option could be utilized by the member.


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