Hi, my name is Amanda Shea. I joined the One Care Ombudsman Team in December as the OCO Community Outreach Manager. 

In addition to ombudsman responsibilities, I will develop and manage OCO presentations, social media, and messaging. An important part of my job will be to continue to expand our relationships with diverse community organizations, including underserved populations, as well as, educating One Care members and the community about the benefits of One Care and the services of the One Care Ombudsman office. 

My first project, to redesign the OCO website, is underway. The new OCO website will: 1) Provide more direct links to help One Care members find the information they need, and 2) Have easier, multi-platform navigation.
We plan to launch the updated OCO website on February 15. Once launched, the OCO will continue to gather your feedback to make sure the OCO website meets your needs. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on the redesigned website:
    Is it easy to navigate?
    Does it provide the right kind of information and resources?
    What do you like?
    What would you change? 

Send your feedback to me I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

I am thrilled to be a part of the One Care Ombudsman Team! Stay tuned for outreach innovations and updates throughout the new year!


MassHealth Mailings Increase Interest in One Care
By Scott McManus

Congratulations to MassHealth and the One Care team! 

Late last year, MassHealth mailed targeted outreach letters encouraging eligible members to consider enrolling in One Care. The letters let potential enrollees know that One Care is available in their area, encourages them to let MassHealth know whether or not they are interested in One Care and invites them to contact MassHealth, SHINE, and the One Care Ombudsman (OCO) office with questions about the letter and the One Care program.

As a result of the MassHealth mailings, a significant portion of OCO’s call volume for the past two months has been from persons wanting more information about One Care and from individuals who have expressed an interest in enrolling. During the same time, MassHealth has seen an increase in voluntary enrollment in One Care. Congratulations!