NEW: OCO Basic Healthcare Access Rights video series

The One Care Ombudsman Office is proud to announce the availability of a new educational video series covering the basic healthcare access rights of persons with disabilities.

One Care is a new healthcare insurance option for adults with disabilities living in Massachusetts who are eligible to receive both Medicare and MassHealth services.  One Care covers all of the services a person gets with Medicare and MassHealth including medical, prescription drug, behavioral health and community support services.

The One Care Ombudsman (OCO) is an independent office that helps individuals, including their significant others and representatives, address concerns or conflicts that may interfere with their enrollment in One Care or their access to One Care health benefits and services. OCO services are free.

The OCO Basic Healthcare Access Rights video series provide an overview of the basic healthcare access rights of persons with disabilities under state and federal law. The series is composed of ten short (3 to 6.5 minutes) educational videos which include a voice over narration describing specific healthcare access rights. The entire video series is available in English, ASL, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian-Creole, and Chinese. 

OCO BHAR Video Series Overview

  1. Introduction to the entire series.

  2. ADA and Rehab. Act Section 504 overview – summarizing the access rights for persons with disabilities.

  3. Affordable Care Act overview – summarizing key components of the law.

- Basic healthcare access rights of:

  1. Persons with behavioral health impairments

  2. Persons who are blind or visually impaired

  3. Persons who are Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind

  4. Persons with intellectual disabilities

  5. Persons with mobility impairments

  6. Persons who use service animals

- Additional legal and healthcare rights resources

  1. Internet resources


The complete OCO BHAR video series can be streamed from the Internet. 

From the OCO website: (

From YouTube: (

A DVD copy of the entire video series for a single language is available for $25 (includes shipping).

Contact the OCO:

  • One Care Ombudsman Office (OCO), 11 Dartmouth Street, Suite 301, Malden, MA02148

  • 1.855.781.9898 (Toll Free)

  • Dial 711 – MassRelay (Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Speech Impairment – Massachusetts only)

  • 617.307.7775 (Office)

Masshealth and Tufts Health Plan Hold Targeted Outreach Events

By: Bill Griffin, JD

In December the OCO was delighted to be able to participate in four targeted outreach events in and around Boston. These events were in support of the auto-assignment of Enrollees into Tufts Health Plan. The events were hosted by both Masshealth and Tufts. Events were held downtown in the Public Market, and also in Roxbury, Chelsea and Dorchester. Tufts was able to present an informative slideshow that showcased the One Care benefits and talked in depth about the structure of the plan. The OCO was able to hand out flyers and other informational brochures about the Office and its mission. SHINE (Serving the Healthcare Needs of Everyone) also had a presence at the events and was able to hand out information as well. The great thing about the events was the presence of individuals currently enrolled within Tufts who were able to share their personal stories and how the One Care model has impacted their lives.

The Impact of One Care on my Overall Health

By: Olivia Richard

Since joining One Care my life has changed drastically. As I sit and write this for The Ombudsman I think about the improvements in my quality of life and quality of care. Before joining One Care I was lacking the range of services I needed to live a full and happy life. I had help from a Personal Care Attendant, but was only allotted seven hours a week. For someone with complex medical needs, one hour a day did not leave much time to get anything accomplished. With my laundry piled up and my bed sheets not frequently changed it left me feeling as though things may never improve. I viewed my previous situation as a bad system filled with well-meaning people.

               I remember seeing a flyer promoting a new Massachusetts Duals Demonstration program and immediately sought to get more information. This program has literally changed my life in that it put me at the center of my care. The One Care program attached independent living to Long Term Services and Supports. The best way for me to describe this is that One Care stops problems or potential problems from arising before they begin by listening to you and what you want. For example, I mentioned before that I had no assistance with my laundry or with changing my sheets. This can be quite problematic for someone who spends their life in a wheelchair, and could lead to medical complications requiring hospitalization. The One Care model recognizes this and provided me with a laundry service and an increase in my Personal Care Attendant hours to avoid this before it ever happens.

               One Care has made me feel for the first time like I was being viewed as an individual. My Long Term Services and Supports Coordinator communicates with me and we have conversations that produce results. I feel through improved communication my life has also improved, it is a totally different mindset, and I am happy to share my experiences to help others make a decision that is right for them


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YES Health (Your Experience: Speak up for better health care) is a community One Care members working to improve health care for people with disabilities and mental health needs. Share your stories, good, bad, indifferent with other YES Health members and the information you give will be passed on confidentially to One Care providers, so they can improve the overall quality of care.    Find out if you qualify. Contact us at-

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Note: YES Health does not resolve individual health care or One Care disputes. If you are having a problem with your care under One Care, please call the One Care Ombudsman’s office.

Joining YES Health will give you a voice in shaping our healthcare system!


A member called stating that they were trying to access a covered dental benefit but was being denied by the provider. This person was recently auto-enrolleed into One Care. The Ombudsman office contacted the dental department at the plan, as well as the provider and was able to determine that the Enrollee was attempting to use an outdated card. This Enrollee was able to be seen by the provider for their appointment occurring that day without further issue.


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