OCO Mailing to One Care Members: A Success!

By William Griffin, J.D., Deputy Director

The One Care Ombudsman Office (OCO) would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone at MassHealth who helped make the recent OCO informational mailing to all One Care members such a success!

MassHealth and the OCO realize it is important for One Care members to know about the One Care Ombudsman services. At the end of July, after working collaboratively with the OCO for several months this spring, MassHealth sent OCO informational materials (including our brochure and magnet) to approximately 12,943 One Care enrollees.

As a result of the mailing, persons contacting the OCO has increased by a whopping 400%! We couldn't be happier and really appreciate that the mailing has helped us continue to make the One Care program such a successful and meaningful healthcare option for persons with disabilities.

Whether you are a member, community organization, someone with an interest, or you would just like to pass along OCO informational materials to individuals you think would benefit from knowing about OCO services, please reach out to our Outreach Ombudsman, Viviana, by emailing Vfrancis@onecareombuds.org.


One Care Perspective

By Marc Moses Mallard, NAMI- Outreach Coordinator, Implementation Council Board Member

As an Outreach Coordinator, working to provide stability in the lives of the underserved vulnerable population, particularly those people experiencing homelessness without access to healthcare services is very challenging. I have worked with One Care by sharing with them many of the outreach strategies and ideas that I utilize when outreaching to this population. The fact that One Care has the willingness to implement those strategies and ideas in order to educate and serve these individuals, while putting an emphasis on how the benefits and clinical care will help improve our client’s quality of life; speaks volumes of all the tailored-made people working to make this work. I see how One Care continuously makes the effort to maintain a relationship by reaching out to me for other collaborations as well as networking with clinicians by setting up informational meetings in order to communicate with this hard to reach population.


A One Care member contacted the OCO indicating that their transportation to and from the laundry mat had been discontinued. The OCO contacted their plan’s Member Services Manager who contacted the member’s Care Team. Within 24 hours of notification by the OCO, the plan contacted the member confirming that a non-emergency social transportation authorization had been completed. During a follow-up call the member reported they were satisfied with the OCO and their plan.


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